Catholic Archdiocese Of Accra

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  • The laity in the context of the new evangelisation

    The laity in the context of the new evangelisation

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  • Advent Time coming soon

    Advent Time coming soon

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  • Pastoral response to Pornography

    Pastoral response to Pornography

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  • Catholic Archdiocesan KNOLTA 2015

    Catholic Archdiocesan KNOLTA 2015

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Welcome to Catholic Archdiocese of Accra

Most great things have humble beginnings. Such is the history of the Metropolitan Catholic  Archdiocese of Accra. On 31 January 1893, Fathers Otto Hilberer and Eugene Raess arrived in Accra to found Catholicism in the capital city.In 1894, a devastating yellow fever epidemic swept through the coastal towns of Ghana, then Gold Coast, and dealt a great blow to both the local people and the missionary priests. In all 7 out of 10 missionary Fathers died as a result of this epidemic. It was as if Satan himself was waging war against the establishment of the Kingdom of God in Accra. For about 30 years Accra was to remain without a resident priest.

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