Dear ACLR members,


After a long period of inactivity, we are pleased to inform you that the Accra Catholic Leadership Roundtable (ACLR) website has been ‘resurrected’. After long inaction and with the dissipation of the high hopes and expectations that we all had when His Grace Archbishop Charles G. Palmer Buckle, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra launched the ACLR, we are happy to relaunch the site with new and exciting prospects that we hope will enkindle your fervent desire to be of service not only to the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra but also to the entire Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference (GCBC) and mother Ghana.

Please visit the website to find out what’s new and sign up as a member and to receive our newsletters.
ACLR is ready to engage your expertise to be service to the Church and to Ghana.
In response to Pope Francis’ Climate Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ of 2015, the GCBC is inviting inputs as to how the Church in Ghana can effectively engage in the national efforts to take care of our God-given environment. Feel free to send an e-mail to with your inputs.
The GCBC is also seeking ways to enable its Component parts, Parishes, Out stations, Seminaries, Schools, Hospitals, Charity homes and the like to make use of solar energy, which is more environmentally friendly.
At the same time, Caritas Ghana (the Charity Organization of the GCBC and member of the global Caritas Confederation) is preparing to launch an E-waste collection and recycling venture. This will involve the safe collection, packaging and transportation of initially and end of life cycle mobile phone batteries and old mobile phones. Details will be communicated to you later. Can we please remind ourselves how we disposed of our last mobile phone battery when it went dead?
These are two prospective engagements that we hope will enkindle your desire to be of service to the Church according to the gifts given you. See JOHN 21:1-14
The new features on the relaunched website are as follows;

  • Daily devotion
  •  Newsletter
  • Bloggers Area
  • ACLR Network
  • News archive
  • Social media links (Facebook and twitter)

The ‘‘Bloggers area’’ will soon be opened to the various professional guilds to share issues of interest from their areas of work. We hope you start getting your write-ups ready.
New members are also invited.
Your questions, comments and suggestions on the relaunched website and on the ACLR’S activities are most welcome. You can send your feedback via e-mail to: or call 0541 73 90 94

‘‘Arise Catholic faithful…Rejoice and Renew’’