Sma Associate Members


Members of the Society are those who, responding to the Lord’s invitation to place their lives at the service of the Gospel, have pledged themselves by oath to the Society.Since missionary activity is entrusted to the whole Church, the Society invites clerics and lay people to share actively in its life and work as missionaries. The manner and the duration of their association and formation, as well as their rights and duties, are specified in particular statutes and agreements by each unit of the Society, with the approval of the Superior General and the consent of his Council. A simple life-style, close to the poor, sharing with them what we are and what we have, will help to make us a prophetic sign of a new world according to the Gospel. Truly missionary, our communities are attentive to the life of the churches and the people we serve.


Our living and working together help us to be more aware that we are at the service of a task which, despite our most generous commitment and most advanced techniques, transcends our human capabilities. Together we discover, in prayer and contemplation, the source and principal agent of all evangelization: the Holy Spirit. It is the same Holy Spirit who urges us to pray, to give witness to the Gospel and to serve those to whom we are sent.


Hope For Life: ‘Disability is not inability’


Seeing the need to transform beggars into self-respecting, productive members of society, French Society of African Missions (SMA) priest Fr John Thebault began working with physically challenges people in the city of Accra in 1986.

Ancilla Centre-Hhcj Sisters


The Project is being initiated by the Sisters of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus, Ghana Province in response to the needs expressed by women both Catholics and non-Catholics and by victims of sexual assault, who often turn to them for help. This is also a topic of concern for all, reported daily in the nation’s media.


  1. To guide women in attaining their full potential as individuals, and assist them in directing their talents towards building up both themselves and society in general.
  2. To create in society an awareness of the effects of abuse on women and girls, thereby encouraging men to desist from their unwholesome acts and instead to contribute to the development of women as partners in nation building.


  • Women are given moral education to help in their spiritual transformation.
  • They are taught such income-generating skills as cooking, hairdressing, sewing, batik, tie-dye, marketing and entrepreneurial skills.
  • They are also taught family life education and domestic skills, community living and interpersonal relationship and literacy (including for their children).

Ancilla Women Development and Rehabilitation Center is located at Haatso- Agbogba near Top Herbal Clinic- Accra. LILIANE FONDS This is a Dutch organization founded by Mrs Liliane Brekelman in 1980. The organization caters for the rehabilitation needs of disabled children throughout the world. In each country there is a national Coordinating Office staffed by a National Coordinator. In Ghana one of the sisters of HHCJ is in charge.


Liliane fonds has voluntary mediators all over Ghana. These mediators help disabled children of up to 25 years of age in there own area. The mediators receive direction and assistance from the National Coordinating Office in Haatso, Accra.

Children are helped with education, vocational training, corrective surgery, mobility and income generating activities.

Catholic Action For Street Children – CAS


To assist “out of school” children, below the age of 18 years, who are in the streets and choose to be educated.
To create general awareness on the plight of out of school children among the general public.


To protect and improve the rights and lives of out of school children. The short-term goal is to help the children by returning their dignity to develop into respectful citizens of the society. 
The long-term goal is to educate the children in such a manner that they can find suitable jobs or occupations to build up their future lives.


CAS has employed 33 workers who work in 5 departments namely: House of Refuge including an outreach program, Demonstration department, Short sponsorship Dep. Long sponsorship Dep. and Hopeland center at Adjei Kojo.


CAS works in collaboration with other NGOs, organizations and the Department of Social Welfare in the Greater Accra Region.


Tel: 00233- 277-552739

Salasians Of Don Bosco

SDB are a religious Congregation of priests and brothers. It is spread throughout the world.

We are sent to the young people, especially to the poorest ones. We wish to contribute to their well-being and to save as many as possible. In addition, the Salesians Family has many more branches worldwide. Two well known ones are the Salesians Cooperators and Don Bosco Past Pupils.
Founder: St. John Bosco

A very wide spectrum of activities, a famous one being the Don Bosco Oratory.


  • A home that welcomes (Young people);
  • A school that educates (prepare for life);
  • A parish that evangelizes;
  • A playground where young can enjoy and make friends.


We came to Ghana in 1992- Sunyani; in 1996 – Ashaiman.


Street project (Don Bosco Boys Home in Sunyani; In Ashaiman FCP- First Contact Place and Dominic Savio Centre in Tema New Town)
Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre in Sunyani and Ashaiman.
Pastoral work- outstations, or parish work in Sunyani and Ashaiman.
Excluding Parish work, we help at least 700 children and young people annually.

A unique love for poor youngsters, many years of practical experience, deep spiritual life and a dialogue with other educators led Don Bosco to draw up an educational method which he called the “Preventive System”.The system is based entirely on reason, religion and loving – kindness. Instead of restriction, it appeals to the resource of reason, love and the desire for God, which everyone has in the depth of his being.


Don Bosco Y.E.S. – to take care of children working in the streets and the Foster Youth Association (FYA)– to help Don Bosco graduates obtain self or other employment.


P.O. Box 293, Ashaiman- Tema; Tel 022-304430 or 301807

Missionaries Of Charity

Started in the slums of Calcutta, India, by Mother Teresa, this Order serves the destitute, the abandoned, and the dying of all Castes and Religions. It survives on the Love of God, and by donations given by persons of all Faiths. Its Sisters reach out to the poorest of poor, taking old people as well as children onto their premises. There they tend to them with the Love of the Lord, bathing their wounds and helping those who are dying to die with dignity, surrounded by the Love of the Lord. A co-worker of Mother Teresa is one who sees the presence of God in every human being, and chooses to fully share in the real service of the poor using hands to serve and hearts to love.


  1. The Missionaries of Charity in Ghana are in charge of an Orphanage at Ashaiman. They admit children of the age of 1 day to 3 years old. Many of the children are mentally retarded. Others are abandoned. When families are known, some children are reunited with them.
  2. The sisters take care of dying people and persons living with AIDS. They run a Home for them.
  3. Some girls from poor families receive training in sewing at a training center.
  4. The sisters visit the families.

Missionaries of Charity
P.O. Box 11046, Tema
Tel: 022-302929

Missionaries Of Charity

Franciscan Missionaries of Mary, the first Missionary Congregation for women, was formed by Mary of the Passion in 1877. The FMM came to Ghana in 1939. The   Congregation’s mission is to serve the poor. The Center of Hope was established in 1990 by the Archdiocese of Accra. The Center is dedicated to serving the needs of the vulnerable: the aged, the needy, the poor, youth, orphans, street children and persons with HIV/AIDS through the holistic, social-psychological, and spiritual approaches all utilized by the organization.


  • To provide an atmosphere that is conducive to prayer.
  • To provide the poor and the needy with a resource to help alleviate their sufferings via temporary accommodation, food, and first aid.
  • To work in collaboration with non-government organizations for those who may need assistance.
  • To act as a referral centre.

The staff consists of four sisters of the congregation of the Franciscans Missionaries of Mary, two full time social workers, two volunteers and a Franciscan priest. (Help Age has six volunteers who visit the “In doors”).

Needy people from near and far visit the centre on a daily basis, and are assisted according to their need, be it food, medicine, school fees etc. Some are referred to other NGO’s. A group of women come to the centre for self help projects. They make key holders, chains and beaded bracelets. We also do follow-up work with youth clubs.


A group of approximately 65 (Help Age) elderly come to the centre. They pray, read the Bible and share. The poor and needy among them receive medicine or food. Staff also visit the elderly at home (Indoors). Visits are made to Korle-Bu hospital (AIDS ward). Needy persons are assisted. Visits are also made to cured lepers at Mallam and Wejia. Medicine are provided. Every two weeks the Abossey-Okai Branch of Hope For Life meet at the centre. Members of Hope for Life and Center staff members visit the disabled in their homes.


  • Once a month a meeting is held for people living with AIDS (PLWA).
  • Once a year an eye check is organized for the elderly.
  • Board Meetings are held 3 times a year.
  • Four time a year we train 25 JSS students from different schools as Peer Educators for the HIV/AIDS awareness program.
  • Fundraising activities are organized in various parishes.
  • Every November, Help Age group arrange a Mass in honour of its deceased members.
  • A Christmas party is organized for all Beneficiaries.

Centre of Hope. P.O. Box 134, Mamprobi, Accra, Telephone: 021-689909

Lepers Aid Committee

The Lepers Aid Committee is an NGO founded by the SVD’s in 1990, in pursuance of the call for Christian Charity. The 24 members who are actively involved in the activities of the Committee come from various parishes in Accra and Tema.
This group has made SPECIAL FRIENDS WITH THE CURED LEPERS IN GHANA, and has also resolved to help alleviate the plight of the marginalized persons in our society.

The core points for the Aims and Objectives of the Lepers Aid Committee are as follows:

  • To arouse public consciousness on behalf of Leprosy patients.
  • To carry out, through educational efforts, the prevention of leprosy and relieve the suffering of leprosy patients.
  • To help in any way possible the rehabilitation and integration of cured lepers back into society.
  • To collaborate with and assist governmental and non-governmental organizations in doing constructive work with leprosy patients.

The Lepers Aid Committee derives its finances from the following fund raising activities:

  • A Flag Day for cured lepers
  • A Christmas choral concert at golden tulip hotel
  • Sponsorship walks and other forms of sponsorship
  • Donations from societies and individuals


The funds realized are used to support the Cured Lepers in the following ways:

  • To supplement the Cured Lepers daily allowance of 12 Ghana Pesewas per cured patient per day.
  • To Meet cured patient’ health care needs, such as eye and orthopedic surgeries.
  • To meet cured patients’ medication needs.
  • To pay cured patients’ funeral expenses.
  • To provide schooling for children
  • To provide maintenance and repair work for buildings in settlements.
  • To pay utility bills in settlements and homes.


The Committee is making practical efforts to integrate the cured lepers into society through the following means:

  • Encouraging various societies to visit the cured patients.
  • Arranging for cured patients to visit our parishes to interact with the congregation during the celebration of World Leprosy Day, observed on the last Sunday in January.
  • Arranging for cured patients to visit places of interest in the Accra-Tema metro area.
  • Organizing Christmas Parties at various parishes, where cured patients can mingle with parishioners.
  • Last year the management of the Labadi Beach Hotel invited cured lepers for a Christmas dinner at the hotel.


Leper’s Aid Committee
C/O Good Shepherd Parish
P O Box BT 32
Tel No: 022-206393 Mobile: 024-3326643
Email: campbell@ghana.Com