Most great things have humble beginnings. Such is the history of the Metropolitan Catholic  Archdiocese of Accra. On 31 January 1893, Fathers Otto Hilberer and Eugene Raess arrived in Accra to found Catholicism in the capital city.In 1894, a devastating yellow fever epidemic swept through the coastal towns of Ghana, then Gold Coast, and dealt a great blow to both the local people and the missionary priests. In all 7 out of 10 missionary Fathers died as a result of this epidemic. It was as if Satan himself was waging war against the establishment of the Kingdom of God in Accra. For about 30 years Accra was to remain without a resident priest.

Services in Accra were held in rented houses. Among the many houses used for worship were those of one Miss Quaye and Mr Andoh. The mother Church of the Archdiocese of Accra is the Sacred Heart Church. This was once a cocoa shed which was remodelled and dedicated by Bishop Hauger on 23 May, 1925. The solemn High Mass celebrated on that day was the first ever in Accra. The Metropolitan Archdiocese of Accra is today the gateway to the beautiful country of Ghana. As you surf through this website of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Accra, you would come to see what we stand for–helping move forward the establishment of the Kingdom which started shakingly but resolutely. You are invited to visit any of our parishes. Perhaps you can learn something about our Catholic faith. You are also welcome to take part in our social, pastoral or educational ministries.

Above all, it is our prayer that you will come to experience the joy and the peace of God now and forever.