pf (50)The church marriage is primarily sacramental marriage. People come to the church primarily for this part of marriage…sacramental part. The civil aspect is only a kind of ‘by product’. Thus any one who comes to the church for marriage is presumed to be doing so because of the sacramental aspect. After all the person could get civil marriage outside the church.

The gay marriage law is binding only on civil marriages so NO ONE can force the church to marry him as a gay couple because coming to the church is an option which the couple themselves take…and if you opt for church marriage instead of going to the courts then it means you are looking for sacramental marriage and not just a civil marriage which is freely offered in the courts. The sacramental marriage requires a male n a female….thats the qualification. So since gay couples do not qualify they cannot come to the church for marriage.

And no law allows them to sue the church for that reason because the church and state are independent bodies with independent laws. So in sum…no gay couple can ask the church for marriage…they don’t qualify. And if they want just civil marriage then the courts are their only option. They CAN NEVER sue the church nor its pastors and priests for refusing them civil gay marriage. You cannot give to Caesar what belongs to God.

Why gay couples cannot sue the church for refusing them marriage

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