Youth & Vocations director profile

As the Vocations Director:
• He collaborates with Priests, Vocations Directors/Directresses, Vocations Committee and the Pastoral Team of the Archdiocese to promote and animate vocations to the Priestly and Religious Lives.
• He journeys with diocesan aspirants through to the priesthood.

Youth & Vocations chaplain(s) and office

• Co-ordinate the activities of all the Youth Chaplains in the Archdiocese including the Youth Chaplains of the other youth groups that are not represented in AADCYC.
• Make conscious efforts to involve all Youth Chaplains in the activities of the youth.

Activities of the youth shall be coordinated at Youth Formation Centre which is headed by the Archdiocesan Youth Chaplain(s). The Youth Chaplain(s) appointed by the Archbishop shall
• Co-ordinate all activities of the youth in the Archdiocese in collaboration with the Executives, Deanery, School and Societal Chaplains.
• Offer Spiritual and Moral guidance and direction to the youth.

The Centre is open to all and sundry – groups and individuals who wish to access a quiet and serene atmosphere to hold Retreats, Seminars or Recollections.
• Design formative Programmes like Seminars, Recollections and Retreats for groups and individuals.
• He maintains the facilities at the Centre and sees to its development.

5-year youth development plan framework and roadmap (2014 – 2018)

The Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Accra on 26th November, 2011, duly launched a Five Year Development Plan for the youth of the Archdiocese. The plan is focused on the development of the youth in the areas of succession and youth development using the NICYFOP approach. This Development Plan provides the base framework to enable a more detailed design for effective implementation. This is the first of its kind in the Archdiocese of Accra. The Youth Council in collaboration with the Stakeholders including the Development Office of the Archdiocesan Secretariat used 2012 and 2013 to pilot the activities and programmes that were suggested in the framework developed early 2012.
Member bodies developed their five years development plans with the vision of the Direction of Youth and Vocations Director and the Archbishop.

The Youth Development Plan ensures the coordination and integration of holistic development of the youth in the areas of Growth and Maturation, Faith Formation and Skills Development. The plan will provide Critical Intervention Areas, Guidelines and Mechanisms for the achievement of the activities identified in an acceptable manner. This is particularly relevant due to the holistic nature of the programme. Succession planning will be the driving word since the youth are the future of the church